Using Women in Science Blogs to Encourage Girls in Science

Illustration of women in an electronic community.

Girls are already part of the web;  let’s make them part of the science web.

Getting Started…

Be safe. Talk to girls about the importance of being safe online, including not revealing personally identifiable information about themselves or their location.  The Stay Safe web site has some great suggestions for online safety for teens, parents, and educators.  Also consider the age-appropriateness of the blogs for the girls with whom you are working.  The blogs listed here have been checked for content and language, but not every blog works for every girl.

Read some women in science blogs yourself.  Women in science blogs tend to be women writing about:

  1. their lives as science students and scientists;
  2. balancing their professional and personal lives;
  3. the cool science they do.

Some places to start are:

Comment on a blog yourself.  Blogs are interactive; it makes the bloggers very happy to hear from you and they love to get discussions started.  Have something to say?  You are always welcome to comment on the FairerScience weblog.  It’s easy!

Jumping into the Web…

Find out what interests the girls with whom you work and help them find science blogs in those areas.  Art?  Baking? Sports? Makeup?  There’s a science blog for almost any topic.  Search on the term “science blogs” with key words related to the interest and see what happens..    

Never underestimate the power of trendy and cute. One big advantage of blogs is that they’re current.  Unlike print publications, there’s no long wait to publish; so blogs are often on the cutting-edge of trends.  This, combined with the ease of incorporating photos and video, makes it easy for blogs (like these below), to highlight the warm, fuzzy, and currently popular. 

Through blogs, help girls learn more about the science areas in which they have an interest.  Many blogs have specific scientific foci that match girls’ existing science interests.

Keeping It Going…

Take advantage of science and math in social networking.  Science and math are there on Facebook and MySpace waiting for your girls to connect.  On Facebook, they can get daily science news and information from applications like the Daily Galaxy or join science-related groups like Null Hypothesis – The Journal of Unlikely Science. They (or you) can also start your own science related discussion group.  To do this, join Facebook and click on the link for “Groups” to find or create a group. On MySpace, girls can join groups to discuss a wide range of scientific topics from global warming to theoretical physics. is a useful guide for nonprofit groups wanting to join Facebook.

Check out how much more there is out there.  Good places to start are:


Remember the gentlemen.  Most of these blogs will interest boys in science as well and there is the added benefit of helping boys learn more about women in science.  And, of course, girls can get hooked on science through the many cool science blogs written by men in science as well.

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