Women and Science,
Engineering and Technology

Bibliography on Gender and Technology in Education
(Compiled and Annotated by Jo Sanders, 2005)
Focusing primarily on information technology, the bibliography is comprehensive as of 2005 and draws on international research as well as intervention literature. It contains nearly 700 entries and is extensively annotated, key-worded, and searchable. Sanders compiled the bibliography for her 2005 review article, "Gender and Technology: A Research Review".

Gender & ICTs Resources Annotated Bibliography
Last undated in 2004, this bibliography includes Theoretical Materials, Advocacy and Policy Related Materials and Resource Tools from national and international sources.

Gender Issues in Science/Math Education (GISME)
(Compiled by R.R. Hake and J.V. Mallow, 2008)
This bibliography of over 700 annotated references and 1000 hot-linked URLs comes in two parts:
Part 1 has the references in alphabetical order
Part 2 has a subset of references by such subjects as:
Is There a Female Science? - Pro & Con;
Schools Shortchange Girls (or is it Boys)?;
Sex Differences in Mathematical Ability: Fact or Artifact?;
Status of Women Faculty at MIT.

The Gender, Science and Technology Gateway: Removing Obstacles To Women In Scientific And Technological Careers
This listing covers career related research and resources in the following areas data, issues and research, programs, cases, models and lessons and policy on workplace and employment issues.

Science & Technology Pages: Women's Studies Section Links,
(Developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of Colleges and Research Libraries.)
These pages include links to annotated bibliographies and papers and presentations as well as to professional organizations, academic groups, internet connections and other resources on

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI) Bibliography
This extensive bibliography covers a variety of topics including: Balancing family and work, Women and Leadership Campus Climate, Women in Higher Education, Search Committee Training, Women in Science and Engineering, Race and Ethnicity, Women in Medicine, Lab Management Women Students in Science and Engineering, Psychological Studies of Sex Differences Organizational/Institutional Change, Sexual Harassment, History of Women in Science and Engineering

Women in Science and Engineering: Sources
(Provided by the National Science Foundation's Research on Gender in Science, Ruta Sevo)
While not annotated, this comprehensive list covers such topics as barriers to under-represented groups' proportional participation in science and engineering fields, examples and tools for institutional and department self-assessment, success stories in diversifying higher education and the national profile for science and engineering. It provides two or three "read first" suggestions at the beginning of each topic area.