An Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliographies

Women at desk, covered with text books, being weighed down by STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
At one time decided that an annotated bibliography about women and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (sometimes known as STEM) was exactly what the world needed. Luckily before we went too far, we found out that many others had the same idea. Therefore rather than presenting yet another annotated bibliography, we (tongues firmly in cheek) are presenting a regularly updated annotated bibliography of annotated bibliographies (aka ABAB). Contributions are always welcome and should be sent to Pat Campbell at

  1. Women and Science, Engineering and Technology
  2. Information for and About Girls and the Sciences
  3. Gender Equity and the Sciences and Mathematics
  4. Diversity Issues in the Sciences: Gender and Race/Ethnicity
  5. Teaching Resources for the Sciences